Light Olive Drab: Limited Edition

Only 25 units will be available of this super limited edition. Never before have we combined the magnetic buckles to the olive drab option in ballistic nylon.

  • Quickly attaches to most tailgates, protecting both your bike and your truck.
  • Magnetic Quick Release Buckles: perfect alternative to velcro
  • Won't block your tailgate's handle or backup camera(unlike tailgate mats.)
  • Fits: All Full Size Trucks: Nissan Titan, Ford F150, GMC Models, Toyota Tundra, Full- Size Chevys
  • Works on all mountain bikes with single crown forks (won't fit Triple-Crown Downhill Forks.)
  • Removes quickly & stores easily in a toolbox, backpack or garage when not in use
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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